Our vision & mission

We empower organizations to be the best version of themselves.

This we do by providing Culture Data that visualizes
and predicts Organizational Health.

Our values

Our values form the basis for our company culture, the achievements we celebrate, the way we make decisions and how we treat both our clients and partners and each other in the workplace.

We defined these values together and they resonate with everyone who works here.

We foster strong relationships.

Every relationship begins with trust and respect.
We cultivate open, honest and meaningful relationships. As a team, we support each other and see ourselves as a family.
We celebrate and live our diversity.
Our customers and partners, we treat with the same passion and respect that we have for our own company. This means, we always meet them at eye level, respect their wishes and focus on what they want to achieve.

We hold ourselves accountable.

We keep our promises. This applies both to the cooperation with customers and business partners, as well as internally within the team.
At Growithy, everyone works independently, takes responsibility for their actions at all times and lives up to their word. This creates the basis for trust, allows us to face new challenges again and again and be successful.

We focus on impact.

The well-being and success of our customers is important to us.
We aim to change the world and make an impact, so we take pride in empowering companies to be the best version of themselves by putting their organizational culture first in order to grow and thrive.

We are creative & passionate.

We love what we do.
New challenges inspire our creativity and we encourage everyone to contribute their ideas.
Every one of us is eager to fulfill their personal potential. We are each dedicated specialists in our field and passionate about our performance.
We burn to develop innovative solutions to achieve optimal results. In doing so, we are fearless and brave enough to be different.

The evolution of Growithy &
«FLOWLE | Culture Radar»

In 1726, Isaac Newton told a biographer that a falling apple in his garden
allegedly inspired him to write his monumental Law of Gravity.
In 2020, Fabrizio Turdo, founder and CEO of Growithy takes the force of gravity
as inspiration to name his company, which aims to empower the human potential
and talents of each individual. The term «Gravity» (force of gravity) becomes Growithy
(«force to grow», or «grow with us»), which describes the force that is sparked in a team
when everyone works together and with full commitment to realize a vision
– the perfect name to underline the main idea of his company…

  • 11/2021

    Official launch of the
    culture assessment software

  • 05/2021

    Support in the international
    placing of employees and
    executives for the global
    workplace design company UNISPACE

  • 11/2020

    Proof of value

  • 10/2020

    First MVP

  • 07/2020

    Company foundation

The real competitive advantage in any business is one word only, which is «people».
– Kamil Toume | Writer & Thought Leader
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