Why Flowle?

Flowle helps you to understand how employees perceive your company culture and identify perception gaps between Management and Staff.

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Invest in the core of your company and start to create a better place to work!
Align your people to your culture for incredible long-term benefits.


Cost Reduction

Disconnected staff means higher costs, Happy Staff means lower employee turnover.

Increase Performance

Happy Staff contributes to company success, bringing positive attitude towards the company and its value.

Staff Retention

Happy Staff does not leave companies, it sticks to them.

Relationships Improvement

Clarification of perception gaps helps eliminating friction and reducing communication bias.

Employee Engagement

Being in the flow reduces energy effort and increases involvement and enjoyment at work by 30%.

Monitoring success

Scanning perceptions over time helps in keeping employees productive.

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80% of professionals see a significant need for evolving organization culture. It is a sustainable change on which each and every organization should invest, to persevere the ambitious dream of success, growth and retaining the best people.

*Katzenbach Global Culture Institute Survey, 2018

Flowle features

Survey based

Questions tailored for Management and Staff level, created with the support of experienced work psychologists.

Behavioural matrix

Representation of behavioural patterns in four distinctive types.

Intuitive dashboard

Data visualization at-a-glance of the perceived employee or team culture vs the established organizational culture.

Success navigator

Used over time, success measurement on organizational changes, adopted measures or project performance.

Fields of application

Employee satisfaction survey

Which characteristics need to be added/reduced to develop the team in the desired direction?


What personality will I have in front of me and how should I structure the interview (e.g. in Key Account Management)?

Team formation / development

Which characteristics have to be added/reduced in order to develop the team in the desired direction?


Do we have the right people on board to implement the strategy?


Which cultures (Company DNA) collide when one company buys another and how does the new organization (also applicable in mergers) work?


How does the project and the carried activities perform and what impact do they have on the internal culture?

Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.
– James Cash Penney, Founder of JC Penney
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