In today’s world, the organizational health of a company is more important than ever!
A strong company culture is a concrete competitive advantage and determines the success, sustainability and crisis resistance of an organization. However, culture is difficult to grasp and
so far there has been no direct lever to steer it in one direction or the other…

Until now!

Our groundbreaking culture assessment tool FLOWLE makes it possible
to actually measure company culture for the first time! This allows you to optimize it,
manage it as you wish and use it as a strategic asset.

Supported by a value-based framework model, FLOWLE visualizes in a quick and
easy way how your culture is perceived internally by your employees and shows you
the status quo and the health of your organization.

The tool provides insightful data and KPIs about your company culture that help you better
understand the current dynamics of your organization and identify areas that require action. With the help of FLOWLE, you can anticipate and avoid potential cost traps, close perception gaps between management and staff, reduce employee turnover, and increase engagement and productivity.

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Invest in the core of your company and create the organizational culture
that best supports your business strategy.

By aligning your strategy and culture, you can achieve incredible long-term benefits!


Cost Reduction

Recognize and prevent potential cost traps. With Flowle, you can see how well various employees and teams harmonize with each other and find out which constellations work most efficiently.
The brilliant side effect: happier staff, lower employee turnover and lower costs.

Increased Performance

Generate higher sales with employees who feel comfortable in their environment and culture and thus perform better.
Employees who have a positive attitude towards the company and its values, and who are in tune with the culture and strategy contribute massively to business success.

Staff Retention

Combat the ‘Great Resignation’ and keep your talents! Employees who are on the same wavelength with their organizational culture do not leave a company and remain loyal.
Unnecessary costs for new hires are eliminated.

Relationships Improvement

A trustworthy business relationship will result in employee satisfaction, co-operation, motivation, and innovation.
FLOWLE helps you identify perception gaps. This allows you to eliminate friction and reduce communication bias.

Employee Engagement

A great company culture ensures higher employee engagement.
When they are “in flow”, their energy effort is reduced – they enjoy work more and their engagement increases by up to 30%.

Monitoring Success

With FLOWLE, the success of projects can be measured at every stage.
In addition, repeated assessments of employee perceptions over time help maintain employee productivity.

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80% of professionals see a substantial need for development in terms of organizational culture.
That’s why every company should invest in sustainable change ans optimization of their culture in order to realize the ambitious dream of success and growth and to retain the best employees.

*FLOWLE | Culture Radar

Features of FLOWLE

Survey based

Questions tailored to Management and Staff level, created with the support of experienced work psychologists.

Behavioral matrix

Visualization of behavior patterns in four characteristic directions and eight value orientations.

Intuitive dashboard

Clear data visualization, which compares the perceived culture of the employees or a team with the established organizational culture.

Success navigator

Used in the long term, the tool serves to measure the success of organizational changes, adopted measures or project performance.

Fields of application

Employee satisfaction survey

The greater the gap between the perceived corporate culture and the target culture, the more dissatisfied the employees are. What must be done to close this gap?


What personality will I have in front of me at the interview and how should I best structure the conversation (e.g. for a position in Key Account Management)?

Team formation / development

Which personal behavioral characteristics and value orientations need to be added/reduced for a team to develop in a desired direction?


Do we have the right people on board to implement our strategy?


Which cultures (Company DNA) collide when one company buys another or a merger takes place, and what strategy does the new organization pursue?


How do projects, tasks and activities perform and what impact do they have on the internal company culture?

Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.
– James Cash Penney | Founder of JC Penney
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