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Flowle | Culture Scan

With the help of our innovative tool Flowle, we scan the perceptions and behavioural patterns of your employees and display them graphically. This gives you a picture of your perceived corporate culture.
Various comparisons and evaluations provide information about who feels comfortable in their working environment and thus effortlessly achieves their goals and who has trouble developing their full potential, because their environment does not allow this.

Value: visualization of the status quo of the Cultural Fit

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Culture Alignment

A workshop with the management serves to determine your target culture and corporate strategy.
Then the company culture perceived by your employees is compared in an analysis with your target culture. This enables us to identify the gaps between the currently perceived culture and the target culture. On this basis, we develop tailor-made solutions for you and all parties involved in order to align the perception of your employees with your corporate culture and strategy.

Value: corporate culture aligned with the target strategy and thus better performance, more efficiency and lower costs

People Placing

We carry out an assessment with your existing personnel. Our analysis will show you the needs of your employees as well as an ideal staffing to achieve your company goals.
In a next step, internal personnel changes (repositionings) as well as external recruitment will be determined. We accompany and support you in this process.

Value: smooth repositioning of existing employees and targeted recruiting of people who support your target culture

People Empowering

In order to optimally initiate the new processes and get you on the road to success, we provide you with the necessary support through tailor-made training and coaching programs. Both existing employees, who are now in a new working environment, and new employees who are joining the company are coached. In short, we get the best out of your talents.

Value: outstanding, above-average performance thanks to employee empowerment

Culture eats strategy for breakfast.
– Peter Drucker, Author & Management Guru
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