What added value do we offer?

With our culture assessment tool FLOWLE, we give you the power to analyze your organizational culture and model it as desired – because companies can only be successful in the long term with a strong culture and motivated employees.

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FLOWLE unlocks

your optimal organizational culture

FLOWLE supports you

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relationships between stakeholders

FLOWLE empowers you

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FLOWLE | Culture Data

«FLOWLE | Culture Data» makes company culture truly tangible for the first time!

With the help of our innovative culture assessment tool, you can measure the perceptions and behavioral patterns of your employees and display them graphically.
This gives you a picture of the current situation of your perceived organizational culture and allows you to manage, steer, model and transform it as you wish.

Value: Company culture made tangible through
culture KPIs

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FLOWLE | Strategy

Our innovative, survey-based tool translates your business strategy into the most efficient corporate culture for you and lets you track how well the culture perceived by your employees aligns with your strategy and target culture.

A workshop with the management serves to determine your Organizational Target Culture, which Is then uploaded to the FLOWLE tool. Here, it serves as a guide to monitor the success of your business transformation and steer it in the right direction with the help of our Success Navigator.

Value: Increased Culture Efficiency of your organization

FLOWLE | Recruitment

Organizations are a network of diverse people, whose behaviors within the organization fulfill the same function as the cells of an organism.

That’s why our recruiting tool empowers you to identify the optimal candidates for each position. With the help of our innovative Job Matrix Design, you will be able to nurture and strengthen your target culture.

Value: Increased employee satisfaction, lower turnover, reduced costs

FLOWLE | Leadership

Manager and supervisors are the strongest cultural influencers. As our customer, FLOWLE | Leadership enables you to optimally prepare and develop selected key players for their tasks by means of perception / expectation management.

This way, you ensure all levels, from management to employees, are in sync and can prevent possible perception gaps.

In short, you get the best out of your managers!

Value: Outstanding, above-average performance at all levels thanks to manager empowerment

Culture eats strategy for breakfast.
– Peter Drucker, Author & Management Guru
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